Unrelated Hastings

Do you think you descend from another Hastings immigrant other than Thomas?  In the drop down boxes below are listed all of the known immigrants by the name of Hastings prior to 1890. They are arranged by state and order of arrival. Listings include name, date of arrival, and place of arrival or first home after arrival. Inclusion does not mean that they remained in America but most probably did. As far as is known, none of them are related to Thomas Hastings of Watertown (to who this website is dedicated). Those who arrived in bondage (indenture) have entries that end in (Bond).

 Katherine Hastings (1726 – Bond)  James Hastings (Annapolis, 1733 – Bond)  John Hastings (c1739)  “Lord” Hastings (1740 – impostor?)  J. Hastings (1822)  S. Hastings (1822)  W. Hastings (1822)
THOMAS HASTINGS (Watertown, 1634)  Edward Hastings (“Island of Providence,” 1635)  John Hastings (prob. Boston, c1637)  James Hastings (Boston, 1767)  Josiah Hastings (Boston/Charlestown, 1820)  Joseph Hastings (Nantucket, 1823)  
 Joshua Hastings (1682)   John Hastings (1722)  Morris Hastings (1733)   George Hastings (Philadelphia, 1774)  John Hastings (Philadelphia, 1803)  John Hastings (Philadelphia, 1813)  John Hastings (Philadelphia, 1822)  Matthew Hastings (Philadelphia, 1849)  Peter Hastings (Philadelphia, 1852)  John Hastings (Philadelphia, 1855)  Matthew Hastings (Philadelphia, 1856)  Edward Hastings (Philadelphia, 1865)  Thomas Hastings (Philadelphia, c1869)  Anthony Hastings (Philadelphia, 1880)  Patrick Hastings (Philadelphia, 1881) 
 William Hastings (c1638)  Jonathan Hasting(s) (1648)   John Hastings (Rappahannock, 1727 – Bond)  Mary Hastings (Rappahannock, c1740 – Bond)  Elizabeth Hastings (VA?, 1751 – Bond)  Martha Hastings (VA?, 1754 – Bond)  John Hastings (VA?, 1774 – Bond)  Robert “Hastings” (Not real surname) (New Orleans, 1842)  

Generally speaking, we are not able to knowledgeably address unrelated Hastings and their descendants but have, over time, collected some relevant information and contacts from researchers focused on those families. With that in mind, feel free to contact us with your enquiry and we may have some “tidbit” of use.

Conversely, if you would like to be listed here so that you may help others, please let us know.