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  • Noteworthy Descendants of Thomas Hastings1 (c1605-1685) by that surname and others plus kinsman of different surnames.




The individuals below are, for the most part, known descendants of our ancestor Thomas Hastings. Where there is only a possible but unproven link it is so annotated.


Adams, Herbert Baxter (1850-1901) (Harriet 7, Thomas 6, Thomas 5, Thomas 4, Dr. Thomas 3, Dr. Thomas 2, Thomas Hastings 1): Born to Nathaniel Dickinson & Harriet (Hastings) Adams of Shutesbury, Mass. His paternal lineage extends back to Henry Adams (c1583-1646), the patriarch of one of America’s most illustrious families. He graduated first in his class at Amherst College (1872) and went on to earn a Ph.D. in philosophy from Heidleberg Univ (1876–graduated summa cum laude). After completing his studies he returned to the U.S. to teach at John Hopkins Univ.  He was a teacher and author of great talent. In his realm of history and political science, many a great scholar was grown. In 1884 he founded the American Historical Association and became it’s first Secretary. Among his many published works is a Adams/Hastings genealogy entitled The History of the Thomas Adams and Thomas Hastings Families of Amherst, Mass(Primary Biographical Source: Dictionary of American Biography)

Dix, Dorothea Lynde (1802-1887) (Joseph 6, Elijah Dix 5, Sarah 4, William Bond 3, Hepzibah 2, Thomas Hastings 1): Well-known Massachusetts social activist and prison reformer of the 19th century. She achieved an international reputation and her work prompted Queen Victoria to establish the Royal Scotch Lunacy Commission (Bio).


Billings, Franklin Swift  (1862 – 1935):  Born in New Bedford, Mass.  A Harvard graduate, he was the 60th Governor of Vermont.  He is a descendant of Thomas via his son John and wife Abigail (Hammond) Hastings.

Cutter, Kirtland Kelsey (1860 – 1939):  Born to William & Caroline (Pease) Cutter of Ohio.  He based himself out of Spokane, Washington where he became a noted architect in the Pacific Northwest with numerous building designs now on the National Register of Historic Places.

Hassam, F. Childe (1859 – 1935):  Born in Dorchester, Mass.  He was one of the great American painters of his era and perhaps the foremost impressionist (Bio).  He is a descendant of Thomas via his son Dr. Thomas and wife Anna (Hawkes) Hastings.

Hastings, Charles Harris (1867 – 1951): Born to John & Elizabeth Carter (Atherton) Hastings of Bethel, Maine. Married to Alice Duncan Otis in 1895. Attended Johns Hopkins and University of Chicago. His interest in library science began while attending the latter. In 1901 he became Chief of Card Division for the Library of Congress. During his 37 year tenure in this position he “organized and developed card distribution work of the library.” He was a member of the Phi Beta Kappa academic society. Link, if any, not yet established.

Hastings, Charles Morton (1871-1934): Born in Ironton, Ohio. Professional baseball player (pitcher) from 1893-1898. Finished his career with Pittsburgh. Died in 1934 at Parkersburg, WV. Link, if any, not yet established.

Hastings, Charles Sheldon (1848-1932) (Panet7, Seth6, Dr. Seth5, Hopestill4, Dr. Thomas3, Dr. Thomas2, Thomas Hastings1): Born to Dr. Panet & Jane (Sheldon) Hastings of Clinton, New York. Received a Ph.D. from Yale in 1873. He was a Physicist and specialist in physical optics. His contributions to astronomy include improvements in the spectroscope and the design of various telescopes. During his career he taught Physics at both Yale and John Hopkins Universities. He married Lizzie Smith and settled in New Haven, Conn.  Esteemed member of the National Academy of Sciences (Primary Biographical Source: Who Was Who in America)

Hastings, Daniel Hartman (1849-1903): Governor of Pennslyvania, 1895-99. Link, if any, not yet established.

Hastings, Daniel Oren (1874-1966): Born near Princess Anne, MD. Secretary of State of Delaware, 1909; Justice, State Supreme Court, 1909-11; State Court Judge, 1920-29; and U.S. Senator, (R-DE). (Primary Biographical Source: “The Political Graveyard” website). Link, if any, not yet established.

Hastings, Edwin George (1872-?): Born to Oramel Pierce & Susan Elizabeth (Rose) Hastings of Austinburg, Ohio. Bacteriologist, scientific writer and teacher (Univ of Wisconsin) of national repute. He was a graduate of Ohio State Univ (BS, 1898), Univ of Wisconsin (MS, 1899) and the Royal Veterinary School, Munich, Germany. b. Aug 11, 1872. Link, if any, not yet established.

Hastings, Eurotas Parmele (1791-1866) (Dr. Seth5, Hopestill4, Dr. Thomas3, Dr. Thomas2, Thomas1): He is a brother of Thomas (above). He was the President of the Bank of Michigan for 14 years. From 1840 to 1842, he served as the State Auditor-General.

Hastings, Frank Seymour (1853-1925) (Rev. Thomas7, Thomas6, Dr. Seth5, Hopestill4, Dr. Thomas3, Dr. Thomas2, Thomas Hastings1): Brother of Thomas (see below). He was prominent in banking and corporate management. He started his career in 1869 with the Williams & Guion Shipping Company. In 1879 he married Caroline Fanning. During the course of his career he served as: President & General Manager of the Commercial Acetylene Supply Co., president of the Transatlantic Trust Co., President of the Ophthalmic Hospital, United States Rubber Co. and Director of the MacDowell Memorial Assn. In 1882 he allied himself with Thomas Alva Edison. He was soon appointed Director of the Edison General Electric Company and its fifty or so subsidiary companies. He was also a skilled organist and composer of songs. In 1905 he became President of the Russian Symphony Society of New York. In 1908 he was decorated with the Order of St. Stanislaus by the Czar of Russia (Primary Biographical Source: Who Was Who in America)

Hastings, Fred H.: Member of the New York State Senate, 1864-65. Link, if any, not yet established.

Hastings, George (1807-1866). Born in Clinton, NY. U.S. Representative from New York, 1853-55; State Court Judge, 1855. (Primary Biographical Source: “The Political Graveyard” website).Link, if any, not yet established.

Hastings, George Aubrey (1885-1956): Born to Albern E. & Anna (Hastings) Aubrey (adopted maternal surname) of Constable, New York. Author and Public Relations counselor. He attended Syracuse Univ and was a graduate of Franklin Academy. He was a reporter for the Syracuse Post-Standard, Yonkers Statesman and various other New York newspapers. From 1906 to 1915 he served as Assistant Secretary of the NY. In 1928 he became the Administratlve Assistant to President Herbert Hoover and remained in that capacity until 1932 when he was appointed Director of the White House Conference on Child Health and Protection. He left the White House in 1933 and became Director of the New York Public relations firm of Tamblyn & Tamblyn. In 1936 he began teaching Journalism at New York Univ. In 1941 he was the 14th District’s Republican candidate for the 77th US Congress. He authored the book Happy Journeys to Yesterday in 1933. b. Mar 26, 1885 d. Mar 30, 1956  Link, if any, not yet established.

Hastings, George Henry (1848 – aft. 1920).:  Son of Carlisle & Hannah (Granger) Hastings.  He was Nebraska’s Attorney General, 1891-95 and several years later a delegate to the state constitutional convention.  He was descended from Thomas via son Benjamin and wife Mary (Clark) Hastings.

Hastings, Col. George Seymour (1836-?) (George7, Dr. Seth6, Dr. Seth5, Hopestill4, Dr. Thomas3, Dr. Thomas2, Thomas Hastings1): Born to George & Mary (Seymour) Hastings of Mt. Morris, New York. By the authority of the Governor of New York, he recruited a company for the 24th New York Independent Battery of Light Artillery. He served throughout the war, was captured by the Confederates in 1864, remained a POW for nearly six months, and finally escaped after repeated tries (see Appendix 4 for a fuller account of his war service). At the end of hostilities he returned to his law practice and was later appointed Military Secretary, and then, Private Secretary to Gov. Fenton. At the conclusion of his career he was a senior member of the firm of Hastings & Gleason of New York City. (Primary Biographical Source: Family Record of Dr. Seth Hastings, Sr.)

Hastings, James Fred (1926 – aft. 1994): Born in N.Y.  Member of N.Y. Legislature; U.S. House of Representatives (R-NY), 1969-76. Still living as of 1994. (Primary Biographical Source: “The Political Graveyard” website). Link, if any, not yet established.

Hastings, John (1738-1811) (Dr. Waitstill4, Dr. Thomas3, Dr. Thomas2, Thomas Hastings1): Born to Dr. Waitstill & Abagail (Marsh) Hastings of Hatfield, MA. He was the Magistrate of Hatfield for 34 years. He also served as a Delegate to the 3rd Provincial Congress and the General Court. In total, he served as a Senator or Councilior of Massachusetts for 28 years. In 1764 he married Content Little, daughter of Rev. Ephraim Little of Colchester, Conn. (Primary Biographical Sources: The Compendium of American Genealogy; First Families of America)

Hastings, John A. (1900- ?): Born in New York City, NY. Member of New York State Senate. (Primary Biographical Source: “The Political Graveyard” website). Link, if any, not yet established.

Hastings, John Russel (1878-1942): Son of Howard Franklin Hastings. He was a member of the San Francisco Chronicle, SF Examiner and later the New York Press and Evening Telegram. He went on to become Night Editor of the New York Daily News and then Assistant City Editor for the New York Times. From 1906 to 1926 he served as the Managing Editor of the New York Journal. In 1926 he became Supervising Editor of the Hearst News Service in New York; a position he held until his death in 1942. b. Oct 25, 18?8 d. Apr 2, 1942 Link, if any, not yet established.

Hastings, Lansford Warren (c1819-1870) (Dr. Waitstill6, John5, Dr. Waitstill4, Dr. Thomas3, Dr. Thomas2, Thomas Hastings1): Born in Mt. Vernon, Ohio. At age 24, he led the first planned overland wagon migration to Oregon. On arrival (1842) he surveyed the townsite of Oregon City. In 1845 he published The Emigrant’s Guide to Oregon and California, one of the early guidebooks of the region. Circa 1845 he established a “cut-off” west (which was named after him) that was quicker but passed through more arduous terrain. This ill-conceived route caused many a hardship on those, like the Donner Party, that chose to take. In the late 1840’s he served as a Capt. in Company F, California Battalion. After marriage and several years law practice he moved his family to Arizona City (Yuma). A Secessionist, he devised an elaborate though unfeasible plan to capture S. California, Arizona and New Mexico for the South during the Civil War. Defeat of the Confederacy sent him to Mexico and Brazil, seeking some site for colonization by unreconciled southerners. He returned to the U.S. and published a guidebook to the Amazon region in 1867. He died a few years later.  For more information on him, see our book shelf section.


Hastings, Major General Kester Lovejoy (1897 – 1983):  Son of Charles & Carrie (Clough) Hastings of Lewiston, Idaho.  He was the 35th Quartermaster General of the Army.  He was descended from Thomas via son John and wife Abigail (Hammond) Hastings.

Hastings, Michael Mahon (1980 – 2013):  Son of Drs. Brent & Molly (Mahon) Hastings of Vermont.  A graduate of N.Y University, he was a journalist for publications such as Rolling Stone and author of best selling books on controversial military personalities and topics.  Link, if any, not yet established.

Hastings, Brig. Gen. Russell (1835-1904) (Col. Russell6, Benjamin5, Benjamin4, Benjamin3, Benjamin2, Thomas Hastings1): Served with the 23rd Ohio during the Civil War. Fought in the Valley Campaign (1864) and Opequon, VA. He was made a Brevet Brigadier General in 1865. His Regimental Commander was in the 23rd was Lt. Col. Rutherford B. Hayes. Another fellow officer in the Regt. was (Brevet) Major William McKinley (25th President of the U.S.).

Hastings, Samuel Dexter (1816-1903) (Simon5, Simon4, Benjamin3, Samuel2, Thomas1): Raised in Boston. As a young adult he moved to philadelphia where he became involved in the mercantile industry. Married to Margaretta Shubert. They settled in Walworth County, Wisconsin Territory. He was a religious firebrand who was vehemently opposed to liquor and tobacco. In 1835 he began his long association with the Anti-Slavery movement. among his close associates on this issue were Benjamin Lundy, William Lloyd Garrison, James G. Birney, John G. Whittier, Wendell Phillips and Gerritt Smith. His strong religious and social views caused him to convert from the Presbyterian Church (which apparently was not progressive enough on the slave issue) to the Congregational Church. He served in the Wisconsin State Legislature (non-consecutive terms) from 1848-1857. During his first term (which was also the first session of the legislature) “he delivered a memorable speech against slavery and was the author of the resolutions which committed the new state to its opposition to the extension of the slave trade.” He became the State Treasurer in 1857 and served in that capacity (through the Civil War) until 1865. In 1884 he was an unsuccessful candidate for Governor of Wisconsin. For several years he served on the Executive Council on the Chief Templar (Wisconsin Chapter–2 years) and the Right Worthy Grand Templar (International–6 years) for theIndependent Order of Good Templars.

Hastings, Samuel Miles (1860-1943): Born to Eli & Rachel Whitehall (Kerr) Hastings of Rimersburg, PA. Director of International Business Machine (IBM) Corp. and Mayor of Highland Park, Ill., 1915-28. b. Aug 14, 1860 d. Oct 23, 1943. Link, if any, not yet established.

Hastings, Seth (1762-1832) (Seth4, John3, Nathaniel2, Thomas Hastings1): Born to Seth & Hannah (Soden) Hastings of Watertown, Ma.. He was a 1782 graduate of Harvard. He settled in Mendon. Congressman, (Federalist-MA); 1801-1807. Member of Mass. State Senate, 1810 & 1814; and State Court Judge, 1819-1828. Primary Biographical Source: “The Political Graveyard” website).

Hastings, Col. Smith H.(1848- 1905): Born to Z.H. & Angeline (Gordinier) Hastings of Quincy, Mich. Decorated (as a Capt) with the Medal of Honor during the Civil War while in command of Troop M, 5th Michigan Cavalry (of Gen. George Armstrong Custer’s Brigade). 

Hastings, Solon Sawyer (1806- aft. 1864) (Stephen5, John4, Daniel3, Samuel2, Thomas Hastings1) : Born to Stephen & Silence (Sawyer) Hastings of Boylston, MA. He married Lois R. Goodnow, daughter of Edward & Rebecca Goodnow of Princeton. They settled in Princeton. Stephen served the town in a variety of governmental positions. In 1859 he was elected to the Massachusetts State Senate. He served as the representative for the Northeast Dist. of Worcester County through the Civil War. (Primary Source: The Hastings Memorial)

Hastings, Thomas (1784-1872) (Dr. Seth5, Hopestill4, Dr. Thomas3, Dr. Thomas2, Thomas Hastings1). He was born an albino, third of eleven children. Married Mary Seymour (1784-1880) of Buffalo. They settled in Clinton, New York. He was a prominent member of the Presbyterian Church and a religious hymn-writer and composer of national repute. In 1858 he received the degree of Doctor of Music from the Univ. of the City of New York, one of the first in the U.S. to receive such degree. During his lifetime he composed about a thousand tunes to include “Rock of Ages.” His many published compilations include: The Musical Miscelrany (1836), The Mendelssohn Collection (1849) and Psalmista (1851) done with his son, Thomas S.. Next to those of his sometime collaborator Lowell Mason, his compositions were the best of that era in America. (Primary Biographical Source: Dictionary of American Biography)


Hastings, Thomas (1860-1929) (Rev. Thomas7, Thomas6, Dr. Seth5, Hopestill4, Dr. Thomas3, Dr. Thomas2, Thomas1): Born to Rev. Thomas Samuel & Fanny (De Groot) Hastings of New York City.  His father, Thomas S. Hastings, was the Pastor of the Western Presbyterian Church in N.Y.C. He was also a Professor (of religious studies) and later the President of the Union Theological Seminary. Thomas studied at Columbia University and then continued his studies at the E’cole des Beaux-Arts in Paris, from which he graduated in 1884 with a degree in Architecture. He moved back to N.Y.C. and became very well known and respected in his field. In 1886 he went into partnership with John Merven Carrere whom he met while studying in Paris. In 1900 he married Helen R. Benedict, daughter of Commodore E.C. Benedict of Greenwich, Conn. Among his many design accomplishments are: The Memorial Amphitheater at Arlington Nat’l Cemetery, the Senate Office Building, the old House Office Building, the Frick Mansion & Art Gallery in New York, the New York Public Library, renovation of the Devonshire House in London, the Princeton Battle Monument, Lafayette Monument (base) at the Louvre in Paris, the Standard Oil Office Building, the Tower of Jewels at the Panama Pacific Exposition (1914) in San Francisco, the reconstruction of the Senate Chamber in the Capital and the Pulitzer Fountain in New York City. He also co-authored (with Ralph Adams Cram and Claude Bragdon) Six Lectures on Architecture, published in 1917. This widely read book had a major impact on those in the profession at the time. In 1922 he was awarded the Royai Gold Medal by the Royal Institute of British Architecture. He was only the third American to have received this honor. He was also a Chevalier of the Legion of Honor (Primary Biographical Source: Dictionary of American Biography)

Hastings, Thomas Del Monte (1836-1897): An official and construction engineer of the St. Joseph and Denver City railroad. Hastings, Nebraska (County seat of Adams Co.) is named after him. Link, if any, not yet established.

Hastings, Wells Southworth (1878-1923) (Col. George8; George7, Dr. Seth6, Dr. Seth5, Hopestill4, Dr. Thomas3, Dr. Thomas2, Thomas Hastings1):  Born to Col. George S. & Harriet (Southworth) Hastings of Mt. Morris, New York (shown above). He was a businessman and author. A 1902 graduate of Yale, he went on to serve as Director of several companies, to include: Phoenix-Hermetic Co., Metallic Decorating Co. (New York) and the Hampshire Paper Co. (Nass.). As a writer he published: The Professor’s Mystery (with Brian Hooker), 1911; The Man in the Brown Derby, also in 1911. He married Elizabeth P. Stearns and settled in Farmington, CT. (Primary Biographical Source: Who Was Who in America).

Hastings, William Granger (1853 – 1937): Born to Carlisle & Hannah (Granger) Hastings of Woodstock, Ill. Graduated from the Univ of Chicago in 1876 and received his law degree from the Univ of Nebraska circa 1877. He served in the Nebraska state Senate from 1885-87 and became the Prosecuting Attorney for Saline County in 1889. From 1891 to 1900 he served as the Judge for the 7th Judicial District and from 1901 to 1904 he served as the State Supreme Court Commissioner. He later became Dean of the Univ of Nebraska Law School (resigned in 1920) and Acting Chancellor of the Univ of Nebraska. In 1920 he began the first of four terms as 4th District Judge. He is the author of the nationally honored essay entitled Development of Law as Illustrated by the Decisions Upon Police Power. He also completed the first English translation from Russian of Korkunov’s General Theory of Law. He died in Omaha, Nebraska. He was descended from Thomas via son Benjamin and wife Mary (Clark) Hastings.

Hastings, William Soden (1798-1842) ) (Seth5, Seth4, John3, Nathaniel2, Thomas Hastings1): Son of Seth (see above). Born in Mendon, MA. Member, Mass. State House of Representatives, 1828; Member of State Senate, 1829-33; U.S. House of Representatives, 1837-42. (Primary Biographical Source: “The Political Graveyard” website)

Hastings, William Wirt (1866-1938): Born in Benton Co., AR. Congressman (D-OK), 1915-21 & 1923-35.   Probably not a descendant of Thomas the immigrant.

Hastings, W. Reed (1960):  Son of Wilmot Reed & Joan A. (Loomis) Hastings of Boston and Northampton, Mass.  He is co-founder and C.E.O. of Netflix.

Hastings, Winfield Scott (1847-1907): Born in Hillsboro, Ohio. Professional baseball manager (1872) and player (1876-1877). Finished his career with Cincinnati. Died in 1907 at Sawtelle, CA.  Probably not a descendant of Thomas the immigrant.

Judd, Gerrit Parmele (1803-1873) (Betsey6, Dr. Seth5, Hopestill4, Dr. Thomas3, Dr. Thomas2, Thomas Hastings1): He to Honolulu as a member of the Mission of American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions in 1828. He soon went to work for the King of Hawaii and then in 1840 accompanied Commader Wilkes in his exploration of the islands. He served as recorder and translator for the King , Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs (1843), Minister of Foreign Affairs (1843-45), Minister of Interior (1845-46), Minister of Finance (1846-53) and represented the King in the committee that drew up the first constitution. During this period he was widely considered to be the Prime Minister in fact if not in name. (Primary Biographical Source: Who Was Who in America, Historical Volume, 1607-1896)

Judd, Lawrence McCully (1887-1968): Great-grandson of Dr. Elnathan & Betsey (Hastings) Judd (see above). Lawrence Judd, “bearer of an honored old missionary name”, served as Hawaiian Territorial Governor during the tumultuous time from 1929-34. He also served in the Hawaiian Territorial Senate, 1920-24 & 1926-28. (Primary Biographical Sources: The Hawaiian Islands: From Monarchy to Democracy and “The Political Graveyard” website)

Charles_Anne_LindberghLindbergh, Anne (Morrow) (1906 – 2001):  Daughter of Dwight & Elizabeth (Cutter) Morrow.  She was the wife of aviator Col. Charles Lindbergh and a pilot and author in her own right.  She was descended from Thomas via son John and wife Abigail (Hammond) Hastings.


Carole_LombardLombard, Carole (Jane Alice Peters) (1908-1942):  She is a descendant of Thomas via his son John and wife Abigail (Hammond) Hastings.  This well-known actress and wife of Clark Gable went by the stage name of Carole Lombard.  She was born in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.

Miller, Barse (1904-1973):  Son of Warren Hastings Miller below.   He was a noted artist (specializing in watercolors) known for his use of vivid colors and California scenes.


Miller, Warren Hastings (1876-1960):  Born to Everard & Sophia (Hastings) Miller of Honesdale, Pa.   An author, engineer, naval officer and Editor of Field & Stream magazine from 1910-1918, he was descended from Thomas via son John and wife Abigail (Hammond) Hastings.

Moore, Elikim Hastings (1812-1900): Born in Mass. Member, U.S. House of Representatives from Ohio, 1869-71. (Primary Biographical Source: “The Political Graveyard” website).  He was descended from Thomas via son Samuel and wife Sarah (Coolidge) Hastings.  

Moore, Eliakim Hastings (1862-1932): Born to Col. David Hastings & Julia Sophia (Carpenter) Moore of Marietta, Ohio. He is a descendant of Samuel Hastings. His father served with distinction during the Civil War: He fought with the “Ohio Tigers” (125th Regt) at the Battle of Chickamauga and commanded the regiment during the Atlanta Campaign. After the war, he moved to Colorado where he organized the University of Denver, and became it’s Chancellor. Eliakim entered Yale University in 1879 and graduated six years later with a Ph.D. in mathematics. He continued his studies over the next year (1885-86) at the Univ of Berlin. He taught at Yale, Northwestern and headed the Mathematics Department at the Univ of Chicago. In 1899, he received an honorary Ph.D. from the Univ of Gottingen (Germany). He was President of the American Mathematical Society from 1901-03. During his career, he contributed to many math/science periodicals and was considered to have a brillant, if somewhat abstract, analytical mind. He m. Martha Morris, June 21, 1892 (Primary Biographical Source: The National Cyclopedia of American Biograghy).  He was descended from Thomas via son Samuel and wife Sarah (Coolidge) Hastings.  


Russell, William Eustis (1857 -1896) (Charles7, Persis6, Samuel5, Samuel4,  Nathaniel3, Samuel2, Thomas Hastings1)  Born in Boston, Mass..  He was a Harvard graduate (class of 1877) an attorney and the youngest ever Governor of Massachusetts.


Parker, Rev. Theodore (1810-1860) (Hannah5, Benjamin Stearns4, Hepzibah3, John2, Thomas Hastings1): He graduated from the Harvard Divinity School in 1836 and became the Minister of the new 28th Congregational Society in Boston. He advocated a liberal theology and was considered to be among the brightest men of his generation. He enjoyed close, intellectual relationships with the likes of Emerson, Thoreau and Alcott. He was a staunch abolitionist and was accused of abetting John Brown’s raid on Harper’s Ferry. For more information on him, see our book shelf section.


Schoff, Maria (Hastings) (1824 – 1882):  Daughter of Richard & Lois (Warren) Hastings of Stow, Mass.  With her husband Stephen A. Schoff, they amassed a great collection of European and America art that eventually became the Smithsonian Institution’s Schoff Collection.  She was descended from Thomas via son John and wife Abigail (Hammond) Hastings.

Sibley, Henry Hastings (1811-1891):  Son of the Hon. Solomon Sibley.  Born in Detroit, Mich.  He was the first Governor of Minnesota.   Served as an officer with the Minnesota Volunteers and, in 1864, was breveted to Major General, U.S. Volunteers.  Descent from Thomas the immigrant, if any, not yet established.

WARREN_STONE_SNOWSnow, Brig. General Warren Stone (1818 – 1896):  Son of Gardner & Sarah (Hastings) Snow of Chesterfield, N.H.   He was among the founders of the Mormon sect, an LDS Bishop and a general officer during the Indian Wars.  He was descended from Thomas via son John and wife Abigail (Hammond) Hastings.

Helen W. Whitman (1897 – 1983):  Wife of Gen. Anthony C. McAuliffe who is probably best known for his stoic leadership during the Battle of the Bulge in World War II.  When the Germans demanded he surrender his command he simply replied “Nuts!”.  While she was not famous in her own right, she and their two children (TH descendants) endured the hardships and modest rewards of his many years of service to his country.

Famous Kin from related families  

The individuals listed below are shown with their primary lineages of interest.  Where a name within the lineage is bolded that denotes the last common ancestor with a Hastings descendant (i.e., where our two lines diverge).  In many cases (e.g., President Coolidge), there are many common lines and we’ve chosen just one that appeared to be relatively straightforward.  Generally, each lineage starts with generation “1” which denotes the immigrant ancestor of that line. .

johnadamslg.jpg (17117 bytes) Adams, John (1735-1826) (John Adams4, Hannah3, John2, Samuel Bass1):   Born in Quincy, MA.  He was the 2nd President of the United States.

Anthony, Susan B.

Barton, Clara (1821-1912) (Stephen Barton6, Dorothy5, Elijah4, Richard3, Jacob2, John Moore1):  Born in Oxford, Mass.   She founded the American Red Cross.

Bush, George H. W.

Coolidge, Dane (1873-1940) (Francis9, Daniel8, Calvin7, Daniel6, Joseph5, Isaac4, John3, John2, John Coolidge1):  He was born in South Natick, MA.  Author and naturalist.  He published over 40 Western novels.

calcool.JPG (11497 bytes)

Coolidge, John Calvin (1872-1933) (John8, Calvin7, Calvin6, John5, Josiah4, Obadiah3, Simon2, John Coolidge1):   He was born in Plymouth Notch, VT.  He was the 30th President of the United States.

Coolidge, William David (1873-aft. 1940) (Albert8, David7, Silas6, Isaiah5, Obadiah4, Obadiah3, Simon2, John Coolidge1):  Born in Hudson, Mass.  Famed American chemist.   Developed and pioneered use of ductile tungsten and invented the x-ray device known as the “Coolidge tube.”

Darwin, Charles

Dickinson, Emily (1830-1886) (Emily Norcross7, Betsey6, Jude Fay5, Thankful4, Jonathan3, Job2, Samuel Hyde1):   Born in Amherst, Mass.  She was an esteemed poet who went largely unrecognized during her lifetime.

DGB01.jpg (10423 bytes)

Douglas, Stephen A. (1813-1861) (Sarah9, Rev. Nathaniel8, Benjamin7, Benjamin6, Dr. John5, Hon. John4, Capt. Phineas3, Thomas2,Robert Fiske1):  Born in Brandon, VT.  He was a U.S. Senator, participant in the famous Lincoln-Douglas Debates and unsuccessful presidential candidate opposing Abraham Lincoln in 1860.

Dunster, Henry (1609-1659) (Henry1):  Probably born in Baleholl, England.  He was the first President of Harvard University.

Goddard, Robert Hutchings (1882-1945) (Nahum8, Nahum7, Elvira6*, David5, Asa Goddard4, Dorothy3, Simon2, Cyprian1):  Born in Worcester, MA.  He was a pioneer in rocket technology and is the namesake of today’s Goddard Space Center in Maryland.  (*Note:  Elvira married a distant Goddard cousin).

Garfield, James (1831-1881) (Abraham7, Thomas6, Solomon5, Thomas Garfield4, Mercy Bigelow3, Elizabeth2, Thomas Flagg1)   Born in Orange, OH.  He was the 20th President of the United States.

hawthorne.jpg (4692 bytes)

Hawthorne, Nathaniel (1804-1864) (Elizabeth6, Richard Manning5, Ruth4, Anthony Potter3, Elizabeth2, Gregory Stone1)   Born in Salem, Mass.  He authored theScarlett Letter, The House of Seven Gables and other great novels.

Livermore, Harriet (1788-1868) (Edward5, Hannah4, William3, Jonathan2, Abraham Browne1):   Born in Concord, N.H. and grand-daughter of Samuel below.  Harriet was a a Washington socialite and revivalist preacher.  In 1837, she tried to establish an American colony in Palestine.  President John Quincy Adams praised her as “the most eloquent speaker” he had ever heard. (Primary Biographical Source: Power, Faith and Fantasy, America in the Middle East 1776 to the Present, by Michael B. Oren).

Livermore, Samuel (1732-1803) (Hannah4, William3, Jonathan2, Abraham Browne1):   He was a member (representing New Hampshire) of the Continental Congress that ratified the U.S. Constitution.  During his esteemed and varied career, he also served as Chief Justice of the NH Supreme Court and President Pro Tem of the U.S. Senate.

Lowell, James Russell (1819-1891) (Harriet Spence8, Mary Traill7, Mary6, William5, Matthew4, John3, John2, Matthew Whipple1):   Born in Cambridge, Mass.  He was an author, educator and diplomat.

Paine, Robert Treat (1731-1814) (Eunice Treat6, Abigail Willard5, Abigail4, Rev. John3, Edmund2, Edmund Sherman1):   Born in Boston, MA.  He was a signer of the Declaration of Independence.

Peabody, Elizabeth P. (1804-1894); Mary T.(1806-?); Sophia A. (1809-1871) (“The Peabody Sisters”) (Nathaniel Peabody7, Mary6, Ezekiel5, Thomas4, Samuel Potter3, Elizabeth2, Gregory Stone1):   Born in Billerica, Mass.  All three were accomplished in some way and known as active participants in the vibrant 19th century philosophies of Transcendentalism.   One was married to Nathaniel Hawthorne (her distant cousin) and another was married to journalist and editor, Horace Greeley.  They were intellectual peers of the likes of Emerson, Thoreau, Holmes and Alcott.

Roosevelt, Franklin Delano (1882 -1945) (Sarah Delano9, Catharine Lyman8, Anne7, Lt. Gov. Edward6, Rev. Nathaniel5, Thomas4, Nathaniel3, Nathaniel2, Richard Robbins1)  Born in Hyde Park, NY.  He was the 32nd President of the United States.

Sherman, Roger (1721-1793) (William4, Joseph3, John2, John Sherman1):  He was a signer of the Declaration of Independence.

Sherman, William T. (1820-1891) (Charles7, Taylor6, Daniel5, John4, John3, Samuel2, Edmund Sherman1):  Famed Civil War General.

Stowe, Harriet Beecher (1811-1896) (Roxana Foote8, Roxana7, Andrew6, Andrew5, Andrew4, Andrew Ward3, Hester2, Edmund Sherman1):   Noted author of “Uncle Tom’s Cabin.”

Taft, William H. (1857-1930) (Alphonso8, Peter7, Aaron6, Peter Taft5, Elizabeth4, Josiah3, Joseph2, William Cheney1):   Born in Cincinnati.  He was the 27th President of the United States.

Washington, George (1732-1799)

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Whipple, William (1730-1785) (William5, Mathew4, John3, John2, Mathew Whipple1)  Born in Kittery, Maine.  He was a signer of the Declaration of Independence.

byoung.jpg (6598 bytes) Young, Brigham (1801-1877) (Abigail Howe5, Susannah4, Ebeneze3, Edward2, William Goddard1):  A founder of the Mormon Church and Salt Lake City, UT.