Thomas Hastings Genome

Genetics, Genealogy and the Genome

We are moving forward on many fronts to determine the ancestry of Thomas Hastings and consequently his descendants.  With the aide of patrilineal or Y – DNA testing we hope to fill in gaps left by the written and oral record. The project is open to all males with the surname Hastings who know or believe that he may be descended from our immigrant ancestor.

We currently have the results of three descendants from sons, John2 and Benjamin2.  We are seeking more volunteers, especially those descended from the other sons of Thomas.  While the sample group is still small, the results thus far have been completely consistent.  The Haplogroup from which Thomas Hastings derives appears to be very rare in the UK (less than 1% of the population) which should prove quite an advantage in determining when the family arrived in the British Isles, where its members arrived and settled and more.

To participate, we suggest you use one of respected companies listed below.  Whether you choose one of them or another please let us know that you’ve been tested and share the results.

Also of interest is the haplotype of John Hastings (c1603-1657) of England and Cambridge Mass. who m.(2) Sarah Means